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Mercedes-Benz W124 Cabrio 1996: Service and Care at Dwiger Automotive

Careful attention to detail, respect for the history of each model, and a commitment to achieving the highest quality - that's the philosophy of our service at Dwiger Automotive. We demonstrate this through our care for a 1996 Mercedes-Benz W124 Cabrio.

The owner of this elegant and rare cabriolet came to us with the goal of improving the conditions of operation of his vehicle. We completely replaced the front shock absorbers, performed a full technical maintenance, restored the wiring, replaced brake discs and pads, as well as replaced the daytime running light bulbs. All work was carried out using original parts, affirming our commitment to perfect quality and the preservation of the car's authenticity.
In addition, we carried out careful work to improve the exterior and interior of the car. We treated the leather interior with special means, which brought its condition back to almost new, and thoroughly polished the body. The steering wheel was reupholstered in Nappa leather, adding a special sophistication to the interior. To protect the bodywork from adverse effects, we applied a ceramic coating.
Now this Mercedes-Benz W124 Cabrio looks even more attractive and drives as well as the day it was made. Our approach confirms our pursuit of perfection and our ability to refresh cars while preserving their historical value.

Located in Prague, Dwiger Automotive offers a full range of services for all types of cars, including classic and collector ones. If you want to restore your car's original shine or need professional maintenance, we are always ready to help. Welcome to Dwiger Automotive - a place where every car gets the attention it deserves.