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Range Rover Evoque at Dwiger Automotive: Petrol instead of Diesel – Not a Death Sentence!

In the world of automobiles, various situations arise, and some can be quite stressful for car owners. Recently, a client brought their Range Rover Evoque to us with what seemed like a costly mistake: they had filled up with petrol instead of diesel.

Such an incident can have catastrophic consequences for the fuel system and the engine. Introducing petrol into a diesel system reduces the lubricating properties of the fuel, potentially leading to rapid component wear.
Without delay, our tow truck brought the vehicle to Dwiger Automotive's car service in Prague. Our mechanics started with draining and thoroughly cleaning the fuel tank.

Subsequently, the fuel filter was replaced and the fuel system flushed to ensure no petrol residues remained. Each stage of the operation required meticulous attention and precision to restore the vehicle system to its prime state.
Thanks to our timely intervention and the professionalism of our team, the car was returned to its owner without any repercussions for the engine.

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