Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic

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Comprehensive Services
DWIGER is the center of automotive life in the Czech Republic.
Offering effective solutions in the field of carmaintenance. Our experts in Prague workwith vehicles of different classes and manufacturers, successfully cope with themost complex tasks and customer requests.
Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic

Professional service

Dwiger Automotive car service specialists offer their customers a full range of services to maintain the perfect condition of their cars.
We work with the following car brands:
Land Rover

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Advantages of
Dwiger Automotive
Advantages for which we are chosen by the car owners include:

• modern equipment and advanced servicetechnologies;
• original parts and components;
• reasonable prices for service andmaintenance, which are much lower thanthose of an authorized dealer;
• certified team of craftsmen;
• well-established mechanism and clearregulations for working with cars of the above brands;
• efficiency and high quality of work

Entrust the service of your car to the professionals of Dwiger Automotive. Our car service is located in Prague and is ready toaccept your car at any convenient time!
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    Dwiger Autoservice in Prague - Comprehensive Vehicle Care

    Autoservice Dwiger

    Welcome to the Dwiger Autoservice in Prague!
    Your trusted partner for comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repairs. At Dwiger, we are committed to keeping your vehicle running smoothly with a full range of expert services.

    Our Services

    Regular Maintenance

    Keep your vehicle performing at its best with our scheduled maintenance services.

    Diagnostic and Technical Inspection

    With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we quickly and accurately identify and fix any issues.

    Repair and Replacement

    Our expertise includes the repair and replacement of crucial vehicle components like engines and transmissions.

    Body Work

    From minor dent removal to major collision repairs, our skilled team handles all types of bodywork.

    Additional Equipment Installation

    Enhance your vehicle’s functionality and comfort with our professional installation of additional electrical equipment.

    Vehicle Preparation for Sale

    Get your vehicle ready for sale with our thorough preparation services, ensuring it makes the best impression.

    Quality and Guarantees

    Guaranteed Quality on All Services - We back our services with guarantees, assuring top quality and reliability.

    Our Team

    Our team at Dwiger Autoservice comprises only certified mechanics, auto electricians, car painters, and specialists, continuously trained to master the latest automotive technologies and techniques.

    Brands We Service

    • Land Rover
    • Jaguar
    • Volvo
    • Audi
    • Škoda
    • Lexus
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Porsche
    • Toyota
    • VW (Volkswagen)
    • Infiniti
    • Hyundai
    • KIA
    • and many others.
    Visit Dwiger Autoservice in Prague for unparalleled vehicle care. We ensure your car remains in excellent condition, enhancing your driving experience and safety.

    Cosmetic Care

    Maintain your vehicle’s pristine condition with our professional cosmetic care services.