Cosmetic care and preparation for sale

Cosmetic care helps to restore shine and freshness of the car, improves its appearance and gives the impression of careful care

Service features

Cosmetic care includes processes such as washing and polishing the body, cleaning the interior, removing scratches and stains, as well as detailing the exterior and interior elements of the car
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Professional interior cleaning
Pre-sale preparation
of the car
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Entrust your car to our team of professionals:
Cosmetic care and preparation of the car
for a sale play an important role in creating an attractive impression and increasing its value. This includes professional cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car, polishing the body, removing scratches and stains, as well as detailing and restoring the interior.

In the process of preparing a car for sale, specialists pay attention to every detail in order to achieve maximum aesthetic appeal. This helps to attract potential buyers and increase the chances of successfully selling a car at a good price.

What is included in the detailing service?

Thanks to an integrated approach, the Dwiger auto center experts restore the vehicles to their original immaculate appearance.
The complex of high-tech
operations includes:
•‎ a car wash using two-phase or three-phase technology;
•‎ cleaning the suspension and the bottom of the car;
•‎ cleaning discs and nozzles of the exhaust system;
•‎ polishing and eliminating defects with maximum preservation of the thickness of the paintwork;
•‎ polishing and protection of headlights to restore transparency and the original characteristics;
•‎ protective coatings to preserve the results of polishing and minimize the negative impact of external factors;
•‎ cleaning the interior and applying protective compounds to plastic interior elements;
•‎ engine wash is the most responsible process in detailing.
•‎ auto ceramics (application of a special ceramic coating to the car body)

The interior salon
dry cleaning

Salon dry cleaning is a complex of operations that contribute to maintaining the impeccable condition of a car interior. The Dwiger professionals will be able to cope with all types of dirt, eliminate unpleasant odors and restore the interior to its original appearance.
all plastic parts
ceiling and doors
The types of dry cleaning
Among the most common options:
•‎ steam cleaning is a traditional way of caring for the interior;
•‎ dry cleaning - involves the use of special compounds and provides instant drying;
•‎ nano cleaning is the most modern method aimed not only at cleaning but also at preventing future contamination.

The following types of dry cleaning can be chosen depending on the interior disassembly:
•‎ simple - direct access surfaces are cleaned;
•‎ partial disassembly - includes the removal of seats;
•‎ full disassembly - access to all corners of the car.

The Dwiger Automotive center is located in Prague and can handle any task to combat all types of vehicle dirtying, and deliver internal beauty and freshness to your car. Contact Dwiger to restore your salon interior to its original look and feel.

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