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Regular Maintenance at Dwiger Automotive: Keeping Your Vehicle in Top Shape

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Your car is a complex machine made up of thousands of parts, each crucial in ensuring safety and efficiency. At Dwiger Automotive service in Prague, we offer high-quality regular maintenance for vehicles of all brands.
Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic
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Engine oil
from 500 CZK
from 500 CZK
the box oil
from 300 CZK
the brake fluid
from 1000 CZK
from 700 CZK
Our regular maintenance services include:
Oil changes: Our team uses only the finest motor oils, guaranteeing your engine's long life and maximum efficiency.

Filter changes: We inspect and replace all filters, including air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters, for optimal performance of your vehicle.

Brake pad replacements: We ensure the efficiency of your braking system by timely replacing worn brake pads. and many other services related to regular maintenance.

The experience and professionalism of our specialists ensure impeccable car maintenance in Prague. Entrust your car to the Dwiger Automotive team, and we'll ensure its long-lasting and reliable service.

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