Computer Diagnostics and Technical Inspection

Computer Diagnostics and Technical Inspection at Dwiger Automotive: Precision, Modern Technology, and Professionalism

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Your vehicle is more than just a machine; it's a complex computer system. At Dwiger Automotive in Prague, we utilize the latest technologies to conduct computer diagnostics and technical inspection of your vehicle.
Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic
Our services include:
Computer diagnostics: With the help of modern equipment, we can accurately identify any malfunctions or potential issues in your vehicle's electronic systems.

Technical inspection: Our experienced staff conducts a thorough examination of your vehicle, including checking the engine, transmission, braking system, and other key components.

Modern equipment and the expertise of our specialists allow us to provide high-quality diagnostics and technical inspection in Prague. Reach out to Dwiger Automotive to schedule a service, we will accommodate any time convenient for you.
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