Bodywork Services

Bodywork Services at Dwiger Automotive: Quality, Professionalism, and Care for Your Vehicle

Praha ‎‎•‎ Czech Republic
Every car deserves the care and attention we are ready to provide at Dwiger Automotive. Located in Prague, our service offers a complete range of bodywork services for all make and model vehicles.

Service features

Car paint
Body repair
Argon welding
Windshield replacement
Locksmith repair
Glass replacement
on request
on request
from 1200 CZK
from 1000 CZK
on request
on request
Our services include:
Painting: Whether you're addressing a minor scratch or restoring color after extensive repair, our specialists ensure flawless painting quality.

Glass replacement: Whether it's a crack in the windshield or damage to the rear glass, we provide quick and quality replacement.

Recovery after accidents: Our team of professionals takes care of the full recovery of your vehicle after an accident, including bodywork repair, painting, and component replacement.

At Dwiger Automotive, we aim to offer you high-quality bodywork services in Prague. Reach out to us and experience the high level of our service.

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